SAROA Classifieds 

     This service is available to SAROA members only

  • Classified ads would be a maximum length of 240 characters (in line with Twitter restrictions).
  • SAROA retains editorial rights on any copy.
  • Classifieds would stay up on the website for two weeks and be included in one newsletter and would receive one mention via both Facebook and Twitter.
  • Classifieds would cost $10.
  • An extension beyond 2 weeks for a further two weeks would cost $5 per extension and would appear in a further newsletter and be mentioned again on Facebook and Twitter.
  • Payment must be received prior to the classified being placed or extended.
  • Where the classified relates to an individual horse or horses, no pricing details are permitted in the classified – this would be covered in the classified by a statement “for further details contact XXXX”
  • Photos and links will be permitted subject to SAROA review.