Equine Asthma Survey

We have been asked to assist with a survey on Equine Asthma being conducted by a student at the University of Adelaide. She wrote to us as follows:

Dear Sir/Madam,

Did you know that horses can have asthma too? As an honours student at The University of Adelaide, I am currently working to determine how common equine asthma is in Australian horses and to identify the factors that increase the risk of developing this disease.

Equine asthma ranges in severity but commonly results in poor performance, chronic intermittent coughing and/or nasal discharge.

Your company/association plays a pivotal role in the equine industry. We are inviting you to share our short 10-15 minute survey with your members.. It is with your help that we hope to engage with the greater Australian horse owning population to ultimately obtain information that represents the majority of horses in Australia.  This survey will help to provide critical information to help improve the health and welfare of horses in Australia. Through the identification of common risk factors we anticipate that guidelines will be developed to help reduce the impact of this important disease. This survey is open to ALL horses and do not necessarily need to be diagnosed or have any symptoms of equine asthma.

We are inviting ALL horse owners/trainers/riders to complete the short 10 to 15-minute survey. Simply click on the link below!


Participants have the option to remain anonymous, answers will be treated with the utmost confidentiality and all data and results will be deidentified. Participants will also have the option of being entered into a prize draw, sponsored by Kentucky Equine Research and Barastoc Horse Feeds.

Please see the participant information and prize draw terms and conditions sheet attached for more information. 

Warm regards,

Jewel Azaria Tan