Glen Eden Stud and G1 Goldmine

Glen Eden Stud based in Moranding VIC are promoting availability of their Stallion Match Service with G! Goldmine.

They will provide this service to SAROA members and SA breeders free of charge.

G1 Goldmine is a market leading pedigree analysis platform that gives breeders the power to research pedigrees through a host of online tools. With the help of G1 Goldmine, Glen Eden has empowered breeders to replicate proven stakes winning pedigrees using it’s Stallion Match tool. Simply choose a Glen Eden stallion, enter your mare and find stake winners from around the world that have be bred with a similar pedigree. Aim for a 20/20 Match which indicates your hypothetical mating has a high number of shared ancestors with multiple stakes winners. Or even better, try your luck at obtaining a Perfect Match which is achieved when your hypothetical mattings shares ancestors with multiple stakes winners in EVERY quarter of the pedigree. Both indicates a high affinity with proven winning pedigrees.


  • Nearly 634,000 Stallion Match searches this year so far.
  • Close to 87,000 of those searches were a 20/20 Match.
  • Only 3082 were a Perfect Match

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