TRSA announces new Equine Welfare measures

TRSA have held briefings with industry participants to outline their Equine Welfare measures.

The main features are a 1% deduction from prizemoney to fund Equine Welfare initiatives to commence 1 July 2020, TRSA intends to appoint a full time Equine Welfare officer as part of these measures.

Below is an email that SAROA has received from TRSA CEO Jim Watters further outlining what is involved

Further to the briefing when we met this afternoon, and as you and your members are aware, equine welfare and racehorse retirement is a critical issue that everyone in the racing industry needs to address as a priority moving forward.  While we have supported various initiatives to date, the thoroughbred racing industry nationally is taking a greater focus on such, and is mindful of the expectations, and perceptions of the wider community.

Equine welfare and racehorse retirement is an issue that must be addressed at a National level, and the harmonisation as much as possible across all States and Territories is important. In recognising this and to allow us to further develop and expand on what we have implemented to date, the TRSA Board has resolved to implement as from 1 July 2020, a deduction of 1% of all prizemoney, which will be utilised and allocated to address local issues regarding equine welfare and racehorse retirement.

In adopting this policy, the TRSA Board was mindful of the need to allocate these funds in an appropriate manner to assist in equine welfare matters, and we will advise in coming months how the funding from the 1% of prizemoney deductions will be utilised towards various projects to assist in the improvement of equine welfare and racehorse retirement in SA.

These are important issues that our industry faces and by tackling them with a National harmonisation and focus, we look forward to a number of favourable outcomes for the sustainability of the industry.

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Jim Watters
Chief Executive
Thoroughbred Racing SA