Clarken Racing are in the process of forming an Aspiring Owners Club -details below SAROA is  keen to support this initiative as it serves to attract new owners to SA racing and helps provide education for them  So tell all your friends who are interested in racing but don’t yet have a horse. What is the Aspiring Owners Club?Clarken Racing wants to demystify the world of horse ownership.  This is a unique opportunity for budding racing enthusiasts to get an inside look at the thrill of racing from an owner’s perspective.It’s free to join and there are absolutely no costs. What you will get as an Aspiring Clarken Racing Owner:– Receive regular reports on the progress of the horse– Have opportunities to visit stables and meet staff– Watch the horse in action undertaking track work– Attend trials– Attend race meetings– Receive invitations to Clarken Racing Owner events throughout the year– Receive weekly stable news, updates and Will’s thoughts on all the horses running each weekendWhy a yearling and where is the horse coming from?To follow the entire career of a racehorse; the highs, the lows and all the bits in between.  The yearling will be purchased by Clarken Racing at the Adelaide 2021 Magic Millions sale.  We will have a marquee set up with food and drink on 7th March; RSVP to start the story from the sales and meet the team. What am I joining?The Clarken Racing Family.  You will become a member of the Aspiring Owners Club and share the journey with us as we take the horse from an unbroken yearling to an educated, and potentially successful race horse. Want to be a part of this unique opportunity?Get in touch via: RSVP using the above email to attend Clarken Racing’s  Magic Millions Adelaide marquee by Thursday 25th February For more updates follow Clarken Racing on:

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